Eric Parry Drawing

20 February – 27 May 2019

Eric Parry is an architect who draws. This exhibition is about the interaction and relationship of those two practices – exploring drawing as a design tool, and as a way of engaging with the world in which buildings exist and which they play a part in shaping.

Arranged across Sir John Soane’s Museum, the exhibition is organised thematically in three sections: Observing, Designing and Building. Observing focuses on Parry’s sketchbooks produced over the last 40 years. These are displayed in vitrines specially made to Parry’s design, and situated around the Museum. This section is complemented by two Interventions– of video and photography – that bring to the fore the relationship of those two media to Parry’s drawing practice.

Designing exhibits a range of drawings related to various of Parry’s architectural projects to reflect on the multifaceted and enduring role of drawing in the process of design. The exhibition culminates with Building which features a series of pamphlets, each focused on a particular built project, illustrating how designs and the ideas that inform them are resolved into finished buildings.

Displaying over 80 individual drawings in close relationship with each other and the collections and spaces of the Soane Museum, the exhibition meditates on the meaning, medium and culture of architectural drawing. Read more