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Lumière Mystérieuse /
Soane’s Light

19 June – 8 September 2019

Sir John Soane’s use of light is one of the most distinctive aspects of his architecture. He produced complex, multi-layered effects with light and shade by innovatively deploying form and structure and by creatively implementing devices such as top-lighting, mirrors and coloured glass.

This forms the basis of two exhibitions: Lumière Mystérieuse: Soane and the Architecture of Light, which brings together a number of exquisite drawings illustrating the various light effects Soane’ achieved in his architecture; and Soane’s Light: A study by Hélène Binet for which the Soane Museum commissioned the architectural photographer to take three photographs capturing how Soane manipulated light and shade to shape the mood, feeling and character of space – what he called ‘lumière mystérieuse’ – and revealing how these effects endure today.